The BMA launched the Urgent Prescription for General Practice campaign, publishing the first of a three part analysis from the workload pressures survey responses received from GP practices in England and Wales, showing the extent of the pressures they are under.

The issues have had significant coverage and practices should have received resource packs to help with raising their concerns locally. A tremendous amount of media coverage and social media activity has been generated around the published survey data, including on workload, demand levels, financial viability, workforce and more – all of which are available on the campaign home page, and can also be downloaded, or shared on social media.

Media coverage has so far included the front page of the Guardian plus mentions in four other national newspapers; five mentions on national radio, including the Today programme; five mentions on TV news; 58 on BBC regional radio and a number of other regional media hits. The Urgent Prescription for General Practice campaign web hub has had a total of 10,770 page views with 13 minutes being the average time spent on the page, and #gpincrisis has been used 2,014 times with a total reach of 6,926,036 since the project launched. The total number of retweets/likes is 820 with 108 people now using the project Twibbon.



We urgently need:

· LMCs to incorporate information about the campaign on the home page of their websites, to help raise the campaign’s profile
· LMCs/practices to tell us what you are doing in your local areas to raise awareness of the pressures general practice is under
· LMCs/practices to let us know of practices in your area that are vulnerable or facing imminent closure
· LMCs/practices to let us know as soon as a practice in your area closes or resigns their contract
· LMCs to provide fortnightly feedback on any of the above issues and these can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
· to engage the public and patients, and would be keen to know if groups of patients or practices would be willing to act together to highlight the campaign, and also to hear of any high profile patients in your local areas, who would be prepared to express their views on the campaign
· examples of live experiences happening on the ground that we can create blogs/vignettes/personal stories from, to support the analyses, and populate the heat maps. You can send information or stories to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..