Dear colleague,

You will have recently had a letter from the respiratory delivery board regarding proposed data extraction for the asthma / COPD audit.

There has been a change in process this year whereby a 3rd party commercial company, Informatica, will be processing the anonymised data set under clearly defined parameters. As data controller for your practice data it is important you understand what this means as should any commercial company then use data received for other purposes, although this should only happen wirh consent of the data controller, ( I.e. the practice) there is a risk, albeit very low, that the Information Commissioners Office could find a practice partly to blame. 

It is also worth noting that HB associate medical director, head of primary care and associate medical director will have access to individual practice data as well as aggregated cluster and HB data. There is a clear agreement this is not to be used for performance management. 

Engagement / participation in the audits is entirely voluntary so practices need to carefully digest and consider the formal letter received along with the above information and respond to the HB as to whether or not you wish to participate.

Kind Regards,