Dear colleagues

You have received flu vaccination guidance from PHW suggesting first and second choice vaccines for different age groups.

We suspect that this is “balanced” to avoid PHW being accused of promoting one company over another.

The “CHOICE” is really yours as a clinician.

No vaccine is blacklisted so you are free to choose the vaccine that best suits your practice.

Whilst GPCW cannot encourage anyone to use the enhanced vaccine that is twice the price of the others (and we have been given no evidence of clinical scenarios where it might prove preferable), there is considerable evidence in support of cellular vaccine.

It is quadrivalent
Virtually all strains of flu virus can be covered
It has minimal antigenic shift
It is relatively easy to quickly produce in bulk.
It contains no egg.
It is effective from age 9 upwards

As we have always encouraged practices to spread their orders over two suppliers, we would leave that choice to you, but note that the egg cultured quadrivalent vaccine covers four strains and has effectiveness under the age of 65.

The majority of children from 2 – 11 will receive the live intranasal quadrivalent vaccine – Fluenz, directly supplied by WG.

Under 2’s at risk and those children unable to receive live vaccine the egg based Quadrivalent vaccine may be used.

Best Wishes
Phil White
Vaccination and Immunisation Lead GPCW