I am writing to let you know formally that I am standing down from my position of Chair of Gwent LMC at the end of June however I am pleased to announce that

Dr Gareth Oelmann will be taking over the Chair of the LMC from 01/07/19.

I will remain as his Deputy Chair to complete my elected term (March 2021) and then hope to emulate my previous Chairman Dr Neil Statham in an ex-officio position.

This change in position is to support the LMC’s succession planning strategy during these challenging times for our profession.

I am pleased that the LMC has grown in strength over the past 4 years and we have a dynamic representation for the GPs in Gwent with active communication with our constituents and have built on the relationships forged by my predecessors with colleagues at ABUHB, leading to increased communication and consultation.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being the Chair of the LMC and look forward to continuing to be actively involved in the Gwent LMC in years to come.

Best Wishes

Debbie Waters