Dear Practice/Business Manager

Further to our communication to you of the 3 June 2019. We have received a number of enquiries seeking assurances in respect of the capture and use of your Practice workforce information through the WNWRS and critically ensuring compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Taking into account the concerns raised in respect of sharing personal information, understanding what mandatory fields are required and for what purpose NWSSP has worked in partnership with GPC Wales and Welsh Government to provide you with the following clarity:

WNWRS and GDPR: Advice and guidance has been sought by NWIS Data Protection Officer, NWSSP Information Governance Manager and NHS Wales Legal and Risk Services. The GDPR Outline will provide you with background and assurances in respect of the legal basis for capturing and processing the workforce data fields held within the WNWRS. The guidance sets out the challenges in respect of relying on individual consent and that this is not deemed to be the most appropriate legal basis in which to capture and process the data. Clarity is also provided on the capture and processing of personal identifiable data. A Data Privacy Impact Assessment has also been carried out and is shared with you today. NWSSP take data protection extremely seriously and have worked with GPC Wales and the Implementation Group to ensure that access to personal data is limited to appropriate officers. You will find the clear roles and responsibilities that have been defined by the Group in the GDPR guidance at Appendix 1. The Group also identified an area where NWSSP can support GP Practices in respect of managing any requests under the Freedom of Information Act. This is set out in Appendix 2 and is supported byNWSSP Freedom of Information Act (2000) Protocol.

Understanding WNWRS Mandatory Fields: There has been confusion as to whether all data fields within the WNWRS are mandatory. To assist with this understanding we have included an outline of all the data fields within the system accompanied with an explanation of those that are mandatory. The systems main features are not limited to reporting, the wider use of optional functionality will open up significant benefits to the practice and maximise decision making strategies e.g. understanding the skill mix of the multi-disciplinary teams to inform cluster modelling. Please refer to the WNWRS Data Access Permissions file.
Benefits to GP Practices in using WNWRS: The Implementation Group and Pilot Sites has identified a number of areas where using the system will benefit practices. The level of benefit will depend on the decision by the practice to use each area of functionality. Some of these benefits include:

o Capture of vacancies will enable NWSSP as lead employer for GP Trainees to understand the gaps and facilitate quicker appointments into posts
o Support workforce planning requirements and cross cluster working
o Understanding the skill mix and inform training and multi-disciplinary deployment
o Time saving areas with ability to report anonymised data to Health Board Heads of Primary Care and National Census

GMPI and the Workforce:

The Scheme for General Medical Practice Indemnity was launched on the 1 April 2019. This scheme provides indemnity cover for all staff employed by the practice as outlined in the GMPI Inclusivity Confirmation. NHS Wales Legal and Risk Services manage this Scheme on behalf of Welsh Government, WNWRS will be the source system in which to identify individual details in respect of any clinical negligence claims relating to activities provided under Primary Medical Services.

It is the view of GPC Wales, Welsh Government, NWSSP and NWIS DPO that the intended usage and implementation of the WNWRS has the relevant safeguards and assurance in order to demonstrate compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations. The accompanying documents have been designed to answer the specific concerns we have received and will assist in your decision to commence using the System and to maximise the many benefits available to the practice.

NWSSP has arranged for a secure portal in which to upload your practice data and would welcome working with you to achieve an upload to the secure portal by 4.00 pm Friday, 26 July 2019. Following this date, NWSSP will work to upload your data into the System. On completion of this NWSSP will confirm destruction of data from the temporary secure portal and System release date to all practices.

If you are completing the WNWRS Data Migration Template and wish to use the secure portal to send this to NWSSP, NHS Informatics Service sent details of how to access the Secure File Share Portal to your generic Practice Manager Email Account, this email address will also be the Username and a separate email containing the password would have been sent at the same time. If you cannot locate these please follow the link and request a password reset.

Practices that have already submitted their WNWRS Data Migration Template do not need to resubmit.

NWSSP has worked with Welsh Government and GPC Wales to develop a System Business role that will be a single point of contact and support working with you and your Practice over the coming year. Should you wish to contact NWSSP we are available on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone 01792 860490/0498 

GPC Wales Welsh Government NWSSP Employment Services