Mary Craig the ABUHB Macmillan Cancer lead has previously presented to the LMC the use of FIT testing in patients with Amber GI symptoms and this Pilot will be launched next week in ABUHB.

As a reminder, there are 3 groups of patients 

i) Truly asymptomatic - undergo screening with FIT test

ii) USC – red flags for lower GI Ca

iii) Amber patients – no rectal bleeding 

  1. <60 yr old with changes in bowel habit
  2. >50 yr old with unexplained abdominal pain or weight loss 
  3. >60 yr old with any non-IDA anaemia

these patients will have a FIT test & if >10 as a cut off will go straight to colonoscopy.

All pathways & flyers & referral forms have been sent to practices already.

We would congratulate Mary on an excellent piece of work across many directorates of the HB & will invite her to present the evaluations going forwards.