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Please see attached that we have received the attached from CMO an CPhO on the use of NSAIDs in relation to Covid19.

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Dulaine Mulcahy
Committee executive officer (GPC Wales)/Swyddog gweithredol pwyllgorau

BMA Cymru Wales


BMA have published an initial tranche of COVID-19 FAQs

As the page highlights these will be under very regular review as the situation changes.

Please find the letter below explaining recent updates for NHS Pensions.

This message and attachment is being sent on behalf of Dr Douglas (Dougy) A Moederle-Lumb - Executive Chair, GPDF

Dear Colleague,

At its meeting in early December the Board of GPDF agreed to set the level of the 2020 Quota rate at 4 pence per registered patient. This represents a significant reduction of 25% compared to the preliminary 2019 level of 5.4 pence per patient, which was itself a reduction of 10% on the 2017 quota. And, of course, the Board approved a rebate of almost £1,000,000 in October to reduce the 2019 quota even further, bringing it down to an effective 4 pence per patient.

We are very aware of the comments and views expressed by LMCs to ensure that we deliver value for money, both in terms of the funds we provide to others as well as in relation to our own costs and activity. This reduction is possible following a review of various supplier relationships and it will ensure that more funds are left in the hands of LMCs for local initiatives; the consequence of this initiative is that it will further reduce the accumulated funds held by the Company.

Also, please see the attached document which has been prepared to explain why it is important for GPs and practices to remit the levy. Please feel free to share this with people in your LMC and the GPs in your area in order to improve understanding of our work on behalf of ALL GPs.

I give you my commitment that as Directors of the GPDF we are very focussed on providing the very best support we can deliver to LMCs, GPs and general practice.

May I wish you, your colleagues and families every good wish for the festive season, and a happy and peaceful New Year.

With best wishes,

Dr Douglas (Dougy) A Moederle-Lumb
Executive Chair, GPDF

Hi all


Following a meeting with WG today, we did complain about all the emails we receive regarding medicines shortages.

There are some technical issues with enacting the Shortages Protocol as it can only be enacted by Westminster then Wales can copy if need be.

This document contains a link to a website that summarises the current shortages and is regularly updated.

It will probably more useful as a reference site for GPs rather than looking through multiple emails!

The plans for pharmacists to supply under the Serious Shortages protocol are being looked at in Wales, and we will get further information soon we hope.

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GPC Wales Negotiator