GPC Wales met and discussed the recent Welsh Health Circular with Sarah Watkins on 28/09/16 with Welsh Government who brokered the meeting.
It was agreed that whilst the circular's intention was to draw attention to GMC guidance around prescribing for Transgender patients, GPs in Wales are well aware of this guidance as it has been discussed extensively UK wide and will decide themselves, as they do with all other consultant initiated drugs, whether in governance terms they are best placed to prescribe.
If they do not, it is the responsibility of Health Boards to ensure that these wider arrangements are in place.
GPC Wales has also pointed out that the GMC guidance clearly states that if prescribing is carried out in primary care, it should be as part of a properly commissioned and supported shared service.
GPC Wales looks forward to further meetings with interested parties to ensure this group of patients receives the best care possible.

GPC Wales