Being a locum can lead to GPs feeling isolated. It is very important to make sure that you look after yourself and keep in contact with other colleagues. There are many ways of finding the support that suits you.

Resilient GP | Facebook – a group standing up for General Practice

GP Survival | Facebook – a grassroots organisation to act as a campaign and pressure group to fight for the interests of GPs, be they salaried, locum or partner in UK general practice

GP Survival (Wales) | Facebook – an extension of the main GP Survival page designed to enable better connectivity between GPs in Wales.

RCGP First 5s – RCGP membership offers support and resources when transitioning from training into practice. There is a First 5 contact for Wales on this page also.


Gwent LMC offers one to one pastoral support for GPs for any challenging situations in the practice or when life hits you hard and you are struggling. If you feel you would benefit from the offer of support, please FILL IN THE FORM or pick up the phone 01495 820106.

Please be reassured that we are used to dealing with highly confidential situations and information shared with us does not go further unless you give permission or if there is a risk to yourself or others or GMC regulations obligate us to.