Enhanced Services

Definition of Enhanced Services

According to the GPC, Enhanced Services are:

  1. i) essential or additional services delivered to a higher specified standard, for example, extended minor surgery
  2. ii) services not provided through essential or additional services. These might include more specialised services undertaken by GPs or nurses with special interests and allied health professional and other services at the primary-secondary care interface. They may also include services addressing specific local health needs or requirements, and innovative services that are being piloted and evaluated.

Enhanced services are services provided by GPs, over and above the core (essential and additional) services to their patients. The aim of Enhanced Services is to meet the needs of the local population, recognising and addressing gaps in the core services to reduce the necessity for admission to secondary care. Each year, the Department of Health reviews the enhanced services to ensure that priorities and needs are being identified.

There are three types of enhanced service:

  • Directed Enhanced Services (DES) - must be provided or commissioned by the PCT for its population.
  • Local Enhanced Services (LES) - locally developed services designed to meet local health needs.
  • National Enhanced Services (NES) - services to meet local needs, commissioned to national specifications and benchmark pricing.

More information about enhanced services can be found on the Department of Health website and the BMA website.

ABUHB Enhanced Service Specifications

Gwent LMC Enhanced Service Financial Calculator

The LMC have developed a calculator that we hope will aid business decisions about the viability of enhanced services for practices.

It will allow additional costs such as pension, NI contributions etc to be automatically included. Just input hourly staff rates and time spent by differing members of the practice team to get an overall estimate of practice costs to complete an activity.

This will also be a useful tool for LMC & GPC Wales when negotiating or reviewing ES payments in the future.

The LMC would be very grateful of any comments and information that emerges when used by practices to aid negotiations or to inform on the need for review of payments.

Gwent LMC Enhanced Service Calculator